My Commitment to You

PUT STUDENTS FIRST - I believe that we need to put students first and make decisions based on their needs. There are no easy decisions in a pandemic, but my first obligation is to the education and wellbeing of our children.

LET TEACHERS TEACH - I believe we need to let teachers teach. They need more resources and fewer non-teaching responsibilities. Let them innovate! Their enthusiasm and energy are vital to our students’ success.

LET PARENTS PARENT - I believe that parents should be allowed to parent. Strong families are the building blocks of a thriving community and that starts with empowerment.

I’ve lived in the San Juan Unified School District for 40 years and am a mother of four district graduates. Six of my grandchildren currently attend district schools. I’ve been a district employee and have owned my own successful small business. More importantly, I’ve spent the past two decades leading state and county commissions where I have worked with the community to find real solutions to real problems - homelessness, alcohol and drug abuse, mental health, and more.

As a member of the San Juan Unified School District Board of Education, I will work with you to improve our schools for all children.


Melinda Avey

San Juan Unified
School District

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P.O. Box 371, Citrus Heights, CA 95611